Handmade Pottery from Organic Ceramics

Handmade, unique pottery, made with love

Organic Ceramics are based in Glossop, Derbyshire where our studio has magnificent views of the moorlands of Bleaklow and towards Kinder Scout.

Lynne makes mostly functional handmade ceramic pieces – things that are to be handled, used and admired in the home.  All of her stoneware items are hand built using a variety of tools, often things foraged from the natural world, which create texture and guide the instinctive making process.

Hand building with clay gives a beautiful feel for the final product, so while most items may have an imperfect look to them and not entirely symmetrical, we believe you will feel a connection once you hold a piece in your hands.

My hope with Organic Ceramics is that I convey feeling and meaning through my handmade pottery. Being able to give a unique handmade ceramic mug or bowl has so much more feeling and emotion behind it than mass produced items. This quote from Beth Kempton is very apt:

“When a potter makes a series of hand crafted pots, they are not aiming for perfection in terms of symmetry and uniformity, or else they would use a machine. They aim for natural beauty, the mark of the hand and infusion of the heart.”

Beth Kempton, wabi sabi

Message from a happy customer:

I’ve found it hard to be away from my two adult sons throughout the pandemic, and wanted something really special to make us feel connected. I therefore bought 3 similar handmade mugs from Lynne and they went down so well – both my sons (25 & 27 years old) loved them. Now each morning I make myself some organic loose leaf tea in a pot, pour myself a mug, and sit and enjoy the warmth in my hands as I think how lucky I am to have such wonderful children, even if we can’t spend time with each other right now. Knowing that they are doing the same feels very comforting. Thanks Lynne for helping to ease the pain in my heart through your beautiful creations xx ” Katie Sheen